Prologue: The Adventures of John Smith and Rose Tyler

Diesmal gibt es einen etwas anderen Text von mir, als sonst. Denn ich habe mich endlich mal dazu aufgerafft, an meiner Doctor Who Fanfiction zu schreiben. Der Prolog ist ein erster Entwurf. Zudem schreibe ich die Geschichte komplett auf Englisch. Eigentlich sollte das kein sehr großes Problem darstellen, doch vor allem bei den Zeiten können immer mal wieder Fehler auftauchen. Bisher habe ich den Text auch noch nicht Korrektur lesen lassen. Trotzdem zeige ich ihn euch, da ich gerne Kommentare, Kritik oder Vorschläge hätte.
Übrigens weiß ich noch gar nicht, was der Doctor und Rose erleben werden. Das wird sich erst im Laufe der Geschichte zeigen.

The TARDIS had vanished. It got quiet at the beach. Only the sound of the sea was to be heard. Sea gulls were screaming and flying above the Doctor and Rose. The Doctor held Rose in his arms, his chin on her blond head. Rose took a deep breath and gazed at the Doctor.
She couldn’t believe that he was here now, with her. For ever. Although he was just part Time Lord, he was as amazing as ever. Through Donna’s help this all could happen. Half Time Lord, half Donna. But Rose felt that there was more of the Doctor inside him than of Donna.

“What was it you wanted to tell me, the other day?”, Rose asked. The Doctor was silent for a few seconds. A little smile played around his lips – the lips Rose wanted to kiss so badly. Than he bent done, stroke her hair behind her ear and whispered the three magical words.
“I love you.”
Rose held her breath. She had waited so long to hear them. Finally, the moment was there. She felt like she was floating in the sky. She felt light and free.
Was it real?

Laughing she took his hand and they both ran through the sand. The sun was shining and everything looked so bright. After spending the afternoon kissing, laughing and talking at the beach, Rose and the Doctor went to Roses car. Rose couldn’t wait to tell her parents that the doctor was back – for her.


“So, this is where you live now?” the doctor asked when Rose pulled her car in the driveway of the big white house her father had bought a long time ago. The Doctor knew this place from the time when he was here in this parallel universe. The house was so much different from where Rose and Jackie, her mother had lived on the ‘real’ earth. There they lived in a small flat in a apartment building. The neighbourhood was not very good. But now, it was like a palace. Her alternate father, Pete, earned enough money to afford a house like this.
“Yes, and there is plenty of space for you and me in my room. The house is too big for my parents and my little baby brother alone.” Rose got out of the car and the Doctor followed her to the door. Before they could reach it, the door flew open and Pete and Jackie with a baby in her arms stood in the entry to welcome the Doctor. They hugged him, laughed and cried at the same time.

The whole evening they sat in the large living room and listened to the Doctor’s stories. He had to tell so much. Rose sat next to him and watched his every move. Smiling she leaned on his shoulder and drifted to sleep.

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  1. Wohooo, den Anfang mag ich doch schonmal und von durcheinander gehauenen Zeitformen kann ich weit und breit nichts sehen 😉 Ich freu mich auf Neues!

  2. @Caro: Vielen Dank! 🙂 Hab eben am ersten Kapitel weiter getippt und bin auch recht zufrieden.


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