review: Inking Florals: A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Dynamic Modern Florals in Ink and Watercolor

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Das Buch habe ich als Rezensionsexemplar von NetGalley erhalten, was aber in keiner Weise meine Rezension beeinflusst.

Illustration Studio: Inking Florals: A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Dynamic Modern Florals in Ink and Watercolor

Erscheinungsdatum: 16. Juni 2020

ISBN: 9781633228368

Seiten: 128

gekauft bei/erhalten von: NetGalley

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Illustration Studio: Inking Florals features inking and watercolor tips and techniques, drawing basics, an overview of plant and flower structures, and step-by-step inking projects for a well-rounded, engaging introduction to multimedia botanical art geared toward artists of all skill levels.

You will love learning to work with ink, pencil, and watercolor as you create your own favorite plants and flowers. Step-by-step projects feature popular flowers, including poppies, peonies, roses, freesias, snapdragons, and more, for a wide variety of well-loved plants that many of us have in our own gardens and/or see while out and about. The Illustration Studio series features interactive exercises, creative prompts, and step-by-step exercises to educate and excite beginning and aspiring artists working in a variety of media and techniques, from manga and anime to illustration done in ink

Illustration Studio: Inking Florals opens with an introduction to plant structure. Essential tools and materials are covered as well, and then you can learn all about drawing basics, ink shading tips, and watercolor techniques so that you have some basic knowledge before getting started on the more than 15 step-by-step drawing projects that round out the book. The final project is a bouquet that incorporates all of the instructions and tips that you have learned throughout the book. Each project in the book makes a beautiful keepsake item or gift for a loved one.

With Illustration Studio: Inking Florals, you can learn to draw, ink, and add color to all your favorite botanicals!

weil ich das Rezensionsexemplar über die englischsprachige Seite von NetGalley erhalten habe, habe ich die Rezension auch auf Englisch geschrieben.

I never would have thought that I would enjoy drawing. But in recent years I learnt that I can draw, that I can create something with a pencil, a bit of colour and that I’m not that bad.

Flowers are my favourite things to draw. I may not be very good at it, but it’s fun. On Youtube and Skillshare there are a lot videos on how to draw flowers and of course there are a lot of books, too. One book I discovered on NetGalley and requested an advanced reader’s copy (arc).

Back to the book itself. „Inking Florals: A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Dynamic Modern Florals in Ink and Watercolor*“ is by Isa Down, an artist and teacher on Skillshare. You can also follow her on Instagram.

The first pages are about the materials you need to start drawing (e.g. ink pens) and there is a colour chart with primary and secondary colours (something we all learnt back in school but I was never that interested).

Isa Down talks also about finding inspiration, like going for walks and taking photos. That’s something I often do myself. Photography is a hobby of mine since quite a few years and I always enjoy walking in the forest or through fields and meadows. Especially now in spring there is a lot to discover.

The reader learns also about watercolour techniques (like wet-on-wet), how to correct mistakes and if he or she should apply the watercolour first and than the ink or the other way round. Isa says that there are no right or wrong ways and I think that’s the beauty with art.

Before Isa takes us step by step through the process of drawing a flower, we learn some basics about flowers, the names of each part.

There are 18 step-by-step tutorials of flowers like snowdrop, anemone and red poppy. The step-by-step guides are very easy to follow because they include drawings belong-side the text.

I want to show you one of my drawings I did with the help of this book.

two anemone drawn with black ink and watercolour

„Inking Florals: A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Dynamic Modern Florals in Ink and Watercolor“ is a beautifully made book for beginner with a lot of helpful explanations on everything you need to know about drawing flowers.

Für meine deutschsprachigen Leser:

Ob es das Buch auf Deutsch geben wird, kann ich nicht sagen. Aber da das Buch auch selbsterklärende Zeichnungen enthält, sollte es auch kein Problem sein, es auf Englisch zu lesen.