Short Review: What Happens in Cornwall…

About the book

For a very British summer holiday…

When archaeologist Sam realises her relationship is as dead as the skeletons she’s exhuming, she knows it’s time to make a change. But with bills to pay her options are limited…until a discovery on Rock Island in Cornwall gives her a reason to escape…

Head to the Cornish coast!

In Cornwall, questions are thrown up at every turn: who is the glamorous owner of Rock Island that the paparazzi are so interested in? How has the irresistible, but impossibly arrogant, history professor James Courtney managed to get so far under Sam’s skin? And will it ever stop raining so Sam can lose the cagoule and sip a cool drink in the sun? One thing’s for sure: there’s never been a holiday quite like this one!

Enjoy a summer of surprises and romance with What Happens in Cornwall…, the perfect retreat for fans of Fern Britton

My opinion

Men and ChickLit? Does that work?
Yes, it does – very well in fact! I don’t know if it’s because the book is written by a male author or because what ever reason, but „What Happens in Cornwall…“ is a bit different from what I’ve read before. Maybe it is the setting? University, students, history, Paparazzi. I like the way T.A. William writes and I really loved the characters. Well, Giancarlo and Beppe not so much, but Giancarlo changed during the story.

Thanks to this book (and other books I’ve read so far) I really want to visit Cornwall. In my opinion, a book is really good if you want so badly see the country where it is set.

What Happens In Cornwall…*“ is a really good read for lazy summer days and a good escape from your life as well. 😉

Genre: Chick Lit
Subjects: Archäologie, Cornwall, Insel, Studenten

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