The Woman Who Lost her Mojo

about the book

It’s time for Charlie to ditch the life that’s been dragging her down in this romantic, funny, feel good read!

Since splitting from her husband, Charlie’s life has been stuck in a rut. Best friend Mercedes will do anything to put a smile back on Charlie’s face and so draws up a bucket list of things to help Charlie recover her mojo.

Sure enough, as Charlie works her way through the list, belly dancing and bungee jumping, she makes new friends and even begins to attract some male attention.

Journalist Jake gives Charlie butterflies but he almost seems too perfect – there must be a reason why he’s single. Perhaps Rob would be a better bet – yes he’s short and he drinks too much – but a girl can’t have everything can she?

The final challenge on Charlie’s list looms large. Can Charlie complete it and prove to herself that life is for living, whatever may have happened in the past? And can Jake get through to Charlie and stop her from settling for the single life or, the wrong man?

Join Charlie as she finds her happy-ever-after in this hilarious, heartwarming read that will make you laugh, cry and live your life to the full!

my opinion

I’m not sure how I feel about „The Woman Who Lost Her Mojo*“ by Carol Wyer. The idea of swapping bucket lists is a good one and it really helped Charlie, who had a tough time the last five years. The challenges weren’t always easy for the nearly 40 year old woman. But nonetheless, she managed the items on the list and faced some serious fears. There is a message behind this: you can achieve  everything – especially if you have a goal. In Charlie’s case: to save the hospital radio station where she is working.

The other part I really liked about this story is Jake. They meet by coincidence at a restaurant (the first challenge) and since then they see each other on several occasion also by coincidence.

Over the time they get to know each other a bit better. But there are some misunderstandings (there always are misunderstandings in books).

What I think was not necessary is Harry, a stalker. That was a nice change and put some suspence in the story. But without this whole Harry-thing I wouldn’t miss anything.

All in all the book is good and I started writing a bucket list, too. But mine isn’t that challenging.

The book will be published on 23 September 2016.

Genre: Chick Lit
Subjects: adult, bucket list, challenge

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