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Rückblick: Januar 2018

Wow, das Jahr hat doch gerade erst angefangen und schon ist Februar! Zeit also, um zurück zu blicken auf den ersten Lesemonat 2018.

neue Bücher

Anything You Can Do *“ von R.S. Grey
The Endless Beach*“ von Jenny Colgan
Walk of Shame *“ von Lauren Layne
Living the Dream*“ von Lauren Berry
The Bookworm and the Beast*“ von Charlee James
The Little Deli by the Lake*“ von Phillipa Ashley
Building Mr. Darcy*“ von Ashlinn Craven
13 Dates*“ von Matt Dunn
The British Knight *“ von Louise Bay

abgebrochene Bücher

„13 Dates“

Ein Liebesroman geschrieben von einem Mann. Sowas scheint es nur selten zu geben. Der Klappentext zu „13 Dates“ liest sich gut und auch das Cover gefällt mir sehr gut.

When Noah Wilson first encounters the quirky, opinionated and very beautiful Angel Fallon, his world is turned upside down. It’s clear she’s not his normal type, but Noah can’t stop thinking about her—which doesn’t bode well for the blind date he’s already late for.

Convinced by his friend (and self-professed dating expert) Marlon that thirteen dates is all you need to fall in love, Noah decides to give it a try with Angel. They should be incompatible: she’s impulsive and he’s a planner; he wants to settle down and she doesn’t ‘do’ relationships—or anything, for that matter—the way Noah is used to. But there’s something about Angel, and Noah can’t shake the idea that all they need is twelve more dates.

Despite some near-disasters involving rock climbing, saddle sores and jellied eels, it seems his plan may actually work. But even if they do reach the magic number, can that really mean they’ll just fall into their happily-ever-after?


Doch irgendwie machte es mich auch traurig, als Angel Noah von ihrer Krankheit erzählt. Ab dem Zeitpunkt wollte ich nicht mehr weiter lesen. Ich kann sowas einfach nicht lesen. Da ich aber wissen wollte, ob das Buch ein gutes Ende nimmt oder nicht, habe ich bis ans Ende ge“blättert“ (bei einem Kindle kann man ja nicht von blättern sprechen).

gelesene Bücher

„The Endless Beach“ ★★★★★
„Walk of Shame“ ★★★★☆
„The Bookworm and the Beast“ ★★★★☆
„The Little Deli by the Lake“ ★★★☆☆
„Building Mr. Darcy“ ★★★★☆
„The Lost Plot“ (begonnen im Dezember) ★★★★★
„The British Knight“ ★★★★★

Ich werde demnächst noch mal ein paar kleine Rezensionen schreiben.

Wie war euer Lesemonat? Irgendwelche interessanten Bücher gelesen? Gab es auch einen Flop?

short review: Covent Garden in the Snow

Hello and welcome to another short review – this time in English. I hope that’s okay for all my German readers out there.

Covent Garden in the Snow*“ is a romantic novel written by British author of several other books Jules Wake. Read more about the book itself at the end of the article.

My opinion

The words ‚Covent Garden‘ had me. The novel screamed my name. I mean, London?! You know about my obsession, right? I was there just a few weeks ago. In London. At Covent Garden. Happy times.

This book is about make-up artist Tilly who works at a opera house in London. She is not very good with computers – or should I say with every electronic device except her Kindle? So when she loads a virus on her work computer she is confused. How did that happen? But help is on its way: Marcus, the new IT director is there to help the opera house with everything computer related. It’s bad enough that he has to be THAT attractive!

Tilly’s boyfriend Felix meanwhile has secrets that Tilly doesn’t see coming. Scandals at work are suddenly in the tabloids. Her gay co-worker Vince acts strange, but Tilly doesn’t make the connection.

Okay, I said enough. No more spoilers!

I’d be lying if I’d say the story line is not predictable. But isn’t every book of that kind predictable? It’s not a bad thing. The main thing in a book is that you feel entertained. And I loved Tilly and Marcus.

Yes, it’s just another ‚a bit clumsy but nice woman meets sexy as hell man‘-book. There is a twist in it, there are books involved (yes, Tilly is an avid reader and so is Marcus). There is London. In winter.

So, if you are looking for a cosy book to read on your couch – then this is for you.


review: A Murder For The Books by Victoria Gilbert

While browsing the NetGalley website, I saw a cozy looking cover with a bookshelf and a table with a stack of books (oh, and a gun). The title said something with „books“. I got curious and clicked on the image to read what the book was about. „A Murder for the Books*“ doesn’t sound like my normal reading and although the book was in the category Mystery & Thrillers and was about a murderer, I requested the ebook.

My opinion

When I think about Mystery & Thrillers, I have other books in mind. Books I never read. Dark covers. „Gone Girl“ or something like that. But the description (see at the end of the article) of „A Murder for the Books“ sounds more like my usual romance/women’s fiction with a bit of suspension. The plot is also similar: a woman, working at a university library and who doesn’t look like a cover model, is cheated on by her boyfriend and moves to her aunt to look after her. A new life, new job at the local library and of course – this is where she meets a good looking man who, by coinsidence, moves at the house next door to her aunt’s. His new home has a bit of history and because of what happend in the past someone is killed. Amy and Richard investigate by using the library and archive for their research on the history and they find interesting things.

There was some cover-up in the past including water from the well in Richard’s garden and there are also some family secrets. It seemed more or less realistic to me.

What I find a bit… let’s say strange is the fact that Amy, who is only one or two years older than me, had a great-grandmother until she was 14 and her aunt is in her sixties and is described as an old woman. 65 is old?! What is my father now at 75? An old old man? I never knew my great-grandparents because they died when my parents where a child or at least young. I know that some children still have their great-grandparents, but until their youth?

All in all: it was a nice read (well, aside from the murderers and kidnapping). This book will be published on 12 december, so you have to wait a bit. There is a second book planned for next July.

Thanks to NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for the advanced reader copy (arc).
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